Make Them Notice

In the Home

This is an opportunity for our athletes to support the individuals that provide them support. Maintain a high level of respect and be a part of creating an environment that supports all within the household.
We want to show the student body of River Falls High School that we as a football program are positive leaders in our school. Our support for other programs, both athletic and co-curricular, is also very important. We want our teachers to know that members of our program will be leaders within the classroom and will support and respect their work.

In the School

In the Community

Our community supports our school district and our athletes in incredible ways. We, through our program, have multiple opportunities to serve our community. Our program will not only strive to make our community proud in our athletic efforts, but we will also seek out opportunities to assist our neighbors and continue to make River Falls a town that families want to be a part of.
Our program develops athletes that always compete with relentless effort. The expectations and the standards of the program are high. It is our responsibility to maintain those standards by giving an uncommon effort in every aspect of competition.

On the Field